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Okavango from Above

Get to explore the magnificent Okavango Delta from an eagle`s eye and stand a chance to capture spectacular views.

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Mokoro Ride

Immerse yourself in the deep cool waters of the channel and see water lilies and other marine life close by.

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Boat Cruising Safari

Boarding on a boat makes your adventure perfect by giving you a romantic safari experience as you have the option of coming across different game while relaxing on a boat.

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Game Viewing

Unique combination of floodplains and dry landscapes offers some exceptional game viewing and species diversity.

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Luxurious Tented Accommodation

Ideal accommodation for the true African Safari Experience providing guests with privacy and a feeling of seclusion while also showcasing spectacular views of the African bush.

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Swimming Loxodonta Africana

Opportunity to see elephants taking a bath and quenching thirst from their regular water spot.

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African Bush Sunset

Magical African sunset through trees, evening sky and bush silhouette enabling photographers to capture epic shots and views.

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Pool of Hippos

An amazing scene of hippos swimming underwater and this can be observed closely while on mokoro ride or boat cruise.

Squamater Safaris is a mobile safari company based in the catchment area of Khwai, the area gives the company a competitive edge as compared to other tour operating companies based elsewhere. Squamater offers the best wildlife experiences into pristine areas of Botswana. Squamater translating to “Reptiles” create and design both tailor made and scheduled itineraries for both individuals and group travellers. Squamater creates and craft itineraries that are filled with nature and leisure activities thereby creating best and unique travel experience of life time memories.