Mokoro means a dugout canoe which is commonly used in the Okavango delta. Traditionally mokoro is made out by digging out the trunk of the biggest straight trees such as the Ebony tree. Due to extinction of biggest trees due to such cultural practices and the likelihood to evade such biggest trees, the forest conservation created policies to protect such trees therefore nowadays mokoro is increasingly made out of fibre glass for conservative measures.

Traditionally mokoro is used for transporting, fishing, and hunting especially of hippos. Nowadays it has recognized an enormous recognition as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport without noise pollution and otherwise, and is used to take tourists in heartbreaking river channels in the Okavango delta to see animals along the river side such as buffalos, elephants red lechwe, and more. It is the greatest way of exploring the river hidden channels or water ways.

You will be able to glide through the water that mirrors the sky, passing through reeds which are a home to most beautiful creatures of the water life such as, beautifully coloured small frogs and hidden nesting birds home. Leaving you with a tremendous immeasurable photographic experience and smiles as you get closer to nature.

**Mokoro Special**

As mokoro is the most efficient way to explore the inner most parts of the Okavango Delta and as a way to enhance our clients mokoro experience, we are giving a special treat to our clients a chance to paddle silently along the Khwai river which forms a boundary between Khwai concession and Moremi Game Reserve. Clients will have an opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes and wildlife species that inhabits the area. Our qualified Specialists Safari Guides pick clients and pole into the most remote areas of the Khwai area.


Revealing the hidden secret of nature