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Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa; it is considered the safest travel destination area in Africa. It is politically stable and financially stable. A democratic Republic in Africa. Botswana compared to other African countries has less crime rate and we assure you that while on your safari, you will be safe and crime related issues are non-existent.

For more about Botswana visit Botswana Tourism Organisation

Botswana Seasons

We would like to give a highlight on the season’s patterns in Botswana as per the Southern Hemisphere, and please note that this is to give you an insight and guideline for you to effectively and preferably choose your travelling times with us. We are aware that individuals travel packages are heavily depend on their interests in visiting destination areas, so does the weather conditions also determine the animal’s movements and it impacts on preferences of travellers due to this effect in weather/seasons conditions.

Winter Time

June, July and August are winter or cold times. During winter times there is less if any rains and temperatures range from 6-27 degrees Celsius. This is the time when most of the trees begin to dry out in most areas of Botswana, the environment gradually changes especially in the areas of Okavango, Moremi and Chobe. A unique wildlife view is between these periods of time when plants change from green to khaki and finally reddish or brownish colour giving the atmosphere a great natural look.


September and October are likely to be our spring time when compared to the Northern Hemisphere. This is the best time to visit Botswana as, the thick vegetation and most water areas would be drying out thus making an incredible views, and the greatest opportunity to see rare and hiding species of plants and animals alike. The temperature ranges from 20-40 degrees Celsius.


November and early December and March are our summer months. The average temperature is 16-32 degrees Celsius. It is also the best time to see more wildernesses. As rain occasionally comes you will be in a great position to see the natural change in grasses and small vegetation begin to grow rapidly as a result of occasional heavy rains during this period of the year.


April and May are our autumn months signaled by moderate temperatures from 15-31 degrees Celsius. This is the time also to witness a lot of birds and other animal’s migrations.


The immunization procedures and requirements are different in each and every country, and we advise that for your travel health, please contact your health officer or department prior to your departure. It is the sole responsibility of clients to ensure they have all they need such as inoculations, medications and immunization. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended for all travelling in Botswana.